August 13, 2014

Fallen Off the Blogwagon

As usual, I've fallen off the blogwagon. I'm the worst.

Spent the weekend in Sanibel Island and went to the cutest Lilly Signature Store: Her Sport's Closet at Periwinkle Place. I don't think you ladies can grasp how excited I get by seeing Lilly in an actual store. Unfortunately, we don't have one closer than like 70 miles away from Miami, so I always have to try-on and return (what a pain!), so naturally, I tried on the whole store.

I got a great deal on an Elsa Shirt in Spectrum Blue Tide Pools. It was only $90! You know when you get something so cute that you almost don't want to wear it ever because it will be a waste of such a great outfit? That's me.

I also finally got a pair of Krass & Co shorts. They are totally as cute as they look and I'm a runner so they'll be put to good use. 

I'll think of something way cooler to blog about this weekend.


Blogger Tricks

July 16, 2014

Guilty Pleasure:

If you're anything like me, you're a little hesitant to admit you've ever set foot into Love Culture. At least in my neck of the woods, Love Culture is pretty much reserved for those girls that wear too-tight clubwear during the daylight hours. (Eeek!)

Very recently I discovered the greatest website since Pinterest: Keep is pretty much a way for you to "pin" cool merchandise from online stores, but instead of just pinning it, you can either 'like', 'keep' or 'buy', the latter of which takes you directly to the item in an online store. I'm completely obsessed with Keep because instead of taking you to dead links and Tumblr blogs like Pinterest does, the images take you directly to the place you can buy it and if there's anything I love to do, it's buy things.

So I digressed a bit, but since Keep entered my life, I've found a whole new appreciation for Love Culture and I've learned they actually have some pretty freaking cute stuff.

Exhibit A:

This one is peach, but it's also available in white and black. All colors that make your tan pop!


Beach Day TEE - 12.95
Pair with distressed jean shorts, a straw hat and gladiator sandals.If this isn't right up my alley, I don't know what is.

Floral organza top & skirt - 22.95-34.95

Wrapped gingham flannel shirt - 36.95
Because I can't say no to Gingham.

What have I learned? 
Never judge a book by it's cover. 
Never judge a store by it's trashy patrons. 


July 7, 2014

Summer in Lilly Mantra

Hoard [hawrd, hohrdto accumulate for preservation, future use, etc., in a hidden or carefully guarded place.

My name is Linnette Vasquez and I'm kind of a hoarder. 

Okay, I'll stop being melodramatic, but it's no secret I order A LOT of stuff online. I receive a package nearly every day, possibly due to the fact that their are no boutiques to my liking in my area. (Future business endeavor?) Packaging from companies like Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer have made me feel terrible about throwing out some of the cute little "postcards" and tissue paper they include in there, so I save some of it in hopes of finding a purpose for it.

That brings us to the cute little note included on with the Lilly Pulitzer "National Wear Your Lilly Day" Gift with Purchase Necklace this year.  The text is kind of small in the photos, but it reads:

A  Lilly Summer is
bare shoulders & bold prints
ten toes in the sand
long days & short dresses
iced coffee within arms reach
a juicy beach read & the biggest sunglasses around
a first mate & a cute buoy
beaches, boats &banana splits
to leave my mckims behind
pool parties that turn into dance parties
an endless summer in Lilly Pulitzer

How cute is that? Once I read it, I decided I'd make it my new summer mantra, so I figured out a cute way to frame and display it in my room for the season. Since it was just a plain white cardstock print, I decided to add some colorful matting!

I purchased a cheap, white 8x10 frame at Target when I stopped through to do some grocery shopping. The frame had a removable wooden piece that was part of the design I guess, but bugged me, so I decided to spray paint in silver.

I used The Juice Stand Blog to find a cute print to use as the matting. If you're not familiar, this is the official blog of Lilly Pulitzer. Every couple of weeks they feature a print and provide it in different hi-res sizes for anything from mobile and desktop wallpaper to Facebook cover photos. You can follow this link to see all the prints they've featured. I chose In the Beginning.

For my 8x10 frame, I chose the shape that best corresponded, which was the iPad wallpaper. Then I printed this full-sized to cover an entire 8½ x 11 page. I'd suggest for the matting, you use something thicker like cardstock, but I didn't have any on hand so I used regular paper and it came out just fine.

I used the glass as a template for the size of the frame and cut the excess with an x-acto knife. I did the same with the Lilly postcard and cut out the center of the page and voila! I might replicate this with other photos in my room because I love the pop of color the printed matting gives.

Hope that inspires you to do something cute too!


July 3, 2014

Style Steals: Color-Blocked Jumpsuit

Can you get any more patriotic than a Red, White & Blue Jumpsuit? This adorable Catherine Malandrino Jumpsuit retails at $425.00 (though it was briefly on sale at Ruelala for 179.90). Yes, the jumpsuit is made of silk crepe, but regardless, that's pretty much 1/4 of the down payment I need for a car.

So, opt to get the look for less! (Fake it 'til you make it ladies.) Retailing at only $37.95, Love Culture's Color Blocked Knotted Jumpsuit is almost identical. For that same patriotic feel, pair with jewel-toned blue accessories and you're ready to go! Choosing Love Culture's version will save you more than 90% off the original Catherine Malandrino! 

Side by Side Comparison:

Love Culture Color Blocked Knotted Jumpsuit | Catherine Malandrino Favorite Jumpsuit

Happy Fourth! No doubt, my favorite holiday: America, fireworks, and shopping. 


June 23, 2014

The Problem with Living in Paradise

For the past 3 days, I've packed my beach bag and set out my bathing suit in an attempt to hit the shore, but have yet to make it out. Here's the downside to living in paradise: You have a number of beautiful beaches but it's impossible to find parking by 11 AM and daily thunderstorms start like clockwork every afternoon. Still, I'm sure I'll make it to the beach some day, so here's what's packed in my beach bag:

Southern Tide Reversible Fleece Throw - This fleece is my go-to beach blanket. Soft and cuddly, Skipjack logo on the corner, and measures 50"x60" so you aren't constantly getting your wet back in the sand. It's available on Amazon (and Prime Eligible!) from $27.00-$30.00 in Nautical Blue, Sunset Pink, Offshore Green, Khaki, and Sea Coral.

Southern Tide Beach Towel - So I hate being wet, which you can imagine becomes a problem at the beach. Luckily I found this monstrous towel to help me dry off. It measures a giant 70"x40". I also may be partial to the giant Skipjack logo in the center. It's pricey for a beach towel ($45), but I'd pretty much go to the ends of the earth for Southern Tide.The color pictured above it tidewater, but it also comes in white, yellow, blue, and coral. You can find it with free 3-Day shipping at St. Bernard Sports. (Side Note: Don't bother trying to use any promo codes, Southern Tide is exempt from them pretty much every where, but Belk.) 
Sunnylife Beach Radio - If you follow as many blogs as me, you've seen this little bad boy on nearly every Instagram account on the internet. Alas, here is the answer to your beach tune needs. Aside from being adorable, the Sunnylife Beach Radio has an Aux cable and inside compartment to strap in your mp3 player or phone and keep it safe from the elements while it's playing your island tunes. The compartment also has room to store a few other small things like a wallet or jewelry you don't want lost in the sand and it's conveniently sized to fit in your beach bag. With a quick google search, you'll learn these are carried nearly every where, but I have to recommend purchasing it from Tilly's. It's listed at $43.99 but when you use the code SUMMER20RMN you get 20% off one item, bringing you down to $35.19 with Free Shipping. This is the lowest price I could find, but promo code is only valid through 6/30/2014 so get on it quick!

Maui Babe Browning Lotion - The Polynesian gods invented this as a way to stay brown year round and it totally works. "A Local Secret" that got around to all us pasty white people, the Maui Babe entire collection helps you get brown and stay brown. I tried this out last year when Target began to carry it. I'm a fan of using the whole set together: SPF 35 Sunscreen, topped with Browning Lotion, and lather on the After Browning Lotion after a nice cold shower. I recommend applying the Browning Lotion before you hit the beach though. Since it is actually brown, it can get all over your swimsuit and get pretty messy. Good thing is after it's on, it give you a nice brown glow immediately. Available at Target (in-stores only), but best priced at Ulta.

J Crew Factory Colorblock Weekend Tote -  I got this bag for a steal during a J Crew Factory sale. Unfortunately, it's sold out, but here are a couple of other beach totes I'm lusting after: Lilly Pulitzer Resort Tote in Let's Cha ChaHenri Bendel Stripe Canvas ToteKate Spade New York Holly Street Clear Francis Tote

Happy Beaching!